• Introducing the M Series

    Introducing the M Series, the first fully automated Dayliter Shade to feature a motorized roller shade and motorized lightshelf! Thanks to the engineers at NICE Group we were able to produce a tube motor that would effectively operate at slower than normal speeds. This coupled with a slow-start and slow-stop feature creates a perfect lightshelf scenario for integration with any Building Automation System! Click here to view a video of the shade in motion!

  • Summerlin Hospital

    S1000 Dayliter Shade for maximum glare-free daylight in patient to promote positive patient outcomes
  • Cuningham Group Architecture, Las Vegas

    SW1800 Dayliter Shade featuring the worm drive for full control of the daylight through the infinite positioning of the lightshelf
  • Cuningham Group Architecture, Phoenix

    L1800W Dayliter Shades offer protection from the fierce afternoon sun in this former Farmers and Stockmen’s bank-turned architectural studio.
  • Introducing the Dayliter Shading System

    S 2100 Dayliter Shade featuring black powder coat finish illustrates how the rotatable lightshelf expands the daylight zone within the space.
  • Jersey Shore State Bank, Williamsport

    From Tree house to corporate boardroom the new Skyliter Shading System with motorized lightshelves is the perfect solution to solar heat gain on this sloped glass facade.
  • Colorado Doorways

    S 2100 (single lightshelf) and L 1400 (multiple lightshelf) Dayliter Shades installed at Colorado Doorways HQ in Denver (shown open).
  • Colorado Doorways

    S 2100 (single lightshelf) and L 1400 (multiple lightshelf) Dayliter Shades installed at Colorado Doorways HQ in Denver (shown with L 1400 shades closed).
  • Flat Iron Building, Bethlehem

    Featuring 36 inch deep operable lightshelves and PV powered motorized shades this unique application is perfect for this iconic building.
  • Penn State Hershey Medical Center

    F2200 Dayliter Shades with fixed lightshelves and motorized shades protect the ladies at the reception desk from piercing morning sunlight.
  • Cuningham Group Architecture, Denver

    L 1200 Dayliter Shades, featuring multiple lightshelves operated by a jalousie lever system, illustrates the strong design element and flexibility of the system.
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About Indoor Sky

Paul MoultonFounded in 2013, Indoor Sky operates out of Williamsport, Pennsylvania (home of the Little League World Series) and is proud to provide products “Made in America”!

The company is dedicated to maximizing the benefit of daylight, the ultimate sustainable resource, in the built environment. Each and every one of Indoor Sky’s products are designed to expand glare-free daylight zones and solve the conflict between shading and daylighting.

By introducing the single most significant innovation in the window shade industry since the invention of the roller shade, Indoor Sky is committed to enhancing design through the use of daylight. The key driver of our mission is collaboration with the design community to continue to change the interior daylighting landscape.

If you don’t see what you’d like in our current portfolio please don’t hesitate to contact us with your thoughts and ideas.

Thank you

Paul Moulton
Founder & President


PIA Award Article
Indoor Sky received the Product Innovation Award from Architectural Products Magazine!

Check out page 107 of their digital edition for additional coverage of our Dayliter Shading System.

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