Introducing Shading Solutions for your home that you could only dream of...

Interior Shading Systems

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Imagine an indoor world full of light and peace – a place of safety and well-being protected from the world around you. A private space with a pleasant climate that pleases the senses at every time of the day. Your personal space full of energy and life...

Window treatments are an essential part of any personal sanctuary and our interior shade collection offers the functionality and personality that you are looking for. From a seemingly endless selection of fabric designed to achieve just the desired amount of daylight to a seemingly endless choice of operating options including voice activation.

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Exterior Shading Systems

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Designed to enhance your outdoor living experience by blocking intense low-angle sun penetration that so often ruins dinner or cocktails on the patio. They are also wind resistant (up to 80 mph) and, when used on all sides, create a stylish insect screen!

Options include motorized or crank operation, side channels with custom color powder coat, wire guide and straight drop, a simplified solution utilizing hold down clips.

Fabric choices include various levels of transparency to suit the need for views to the outside along with greater solar control.

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Automation Phone App


When it comes to automation the world is our oyster! With tremendous innovation out of Europe we are able to select from various systems to provide the solution that best fits your home. (Unfortunately, there are no equivalent motors made in the U.S.)

Our go-to system for residential applications is the Gaposa line from Italy - its new wire free “Ghost Series” is almost silent. This SMART system is available with a hub that connects to your Wi-Fi to allow voice control and a number of automated movements such as automatic opening and closing at dusk and dawn!

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