Our Dayliter and Skyliter Shading Systems can be fitted with a variety of operating mechanisms and lightshelf fabrics to suit your exact needs. Continue reading below for a full overview of our available options, including detailed CAD drawings.

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Operating Options

Operating Options

Worm Drive

By introducing a highly geared, self-braking worm drive, the lightshelf may be positioned anywhere form zero to 90 degrees for maximum control of daylight entry. This will allow the lightshelf to be partially closed to block low winter sun angles, but still allow daylight to reach the ceiling. An attached or detachable folding crank provides the operation.


Our base product is operated by a wand or pole and features 3 optional positions for the angle of the lightshelf. The roller shade is chain operated.


A conventional tube motor with reduced speed is housed in a custom airfoil extrusion to drive the lightshelf. Since the roller shade is also driven by conventional tube motor both components may be controlled by the same remote control as well as Smart phone App. Alternatively, systems are available with wireless wall switches at the low end or fully integrated into the Building Management System at the top end.

Motors and Controls

There are numerous motor options available to us and we use what we feel is the best fit for the application. For our fully motorized Dayliter Shade, low-voltage DC motors from NICE are preferred due to the slow speed required for the lightshelf. For retrofit applications we like rechargeable battery motors with a solar panel option from Rollease and, finally, for larger, hard wired shades we use Somfy motors. All options are available for your preference!

Lightshelf Details

Lightshelf Details

4.01 Lightshelf Option 01Option 1: Concealed Fabric Tube

4.02 Lightshelf Option 02Option 2: Exposed Fabric Tube

  • Lightshelf in the full open position for maximum diffused daylight penetration
  • Lightshelf may be “parked” at any interim angle to allow some daylight penetration with low winter sun angles
  • Lightshelf in the fully closed position for low morning/afternoon sun angles or room darkening
  • Lightshelf in the lowered position for ease of cleaning
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
Roller Shade

Roller Shade

7 Roller Shade