Case Study
Office window  with shades drawn and lightshelf open. Daylight spreads across the ceiling.
Office with translucent shades. Daylight is significantly reduced, but light shelves still reflect daylight across the ceiling.

North Central Sight Services

Indoor Sky and North Central Sight Services are collaborating to bring their unique Dayliter Shading System to the blind and visually impaired. The shades are available in many different fabrics but two were selected for the Assistive Technology Lab at the Reach Road facility shown above. On the left a lighter color 1% fabric providing glare control and full privacy, on the right a darker color 3% fabric allows views to the outside while still controlling glare. NCSS will evaluate the benefits of each fabric for the specific lighting needs of their employees and served community.

NCSS will be assembling the fabric lightshelves for Indoor Sky in support of their mission to provide exceptional programs, services and employment for the blind and visually impaired.

“For myself and others with visual impairments, glare is a major barrier to utilizing a computer or other screens. Transitioning from light to dark is especially challenging; thus, being able to maintain a consistent, glare-free atmosphere with Indoor Sky’s Dayliter Shades makes all the difference. The fabric lightshelves are beneficial because they allow the user to benefit from natural light, without glare, which creates a more positive, productive environment. I strongly recommend this to other organizations that employ or serve individuals with visual disabilities!”

– Brian Patchett, President & CEO/North Central Sight Services, Inc.