We’ve removed all of the negative aspects of lightshelves!


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The Old Way

Lightshelves have been around for a very long time and even though they are very effective at reducing glare they’ve not achieved the popularity that perhaps they deserve because the shortcomings often outweigh the benefits.

They are too often bulky (certainly rarely subtle), expensive and single faceted since they don’t close! In addition they can create unwanted shadows within the space. These features mean they are most often limited to larger commercial spaces.

The New Way

By creating lightweight aluminum frames to carry solar shade fabric the lightshelves featured in the Dayliter Shade are incredibly flexible from a size viewpoint so that they don’t dominate a space, at least in a negative way! This allows them to be used in smaller spaces where even the smallest lightshelf will deliver amazing interior daylight quality! By incorporating metalized fabrics you can amplify that impact even further.

The shades used at Summerlin Hospital feature a 10 inch deep lightshelf yet deliver almost celestial daylight quality helping create a sublime patient setting.