Dayliter Shades provide occupants with full control of the daylight and shading in their space.


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The Old Way

Many commercial spaces, as well as residential spaces, have numerous windows with different aspects requiring different treatment. At various times of the day (and year) sun penetration is very different on south facing windows from that of east and west facing windows. Conventional window treatments do not have the capacity to allow the user to handle these conditions differently.

The New Way

The Dayliter Shading System provides full functionality with rotatable lightshelves that may be open, closed or parked in different positions to suit the time of day and daylight conditions. The shades on the southern aspect may stay open, or be parked at an angle during winter in the Pacific Northwest for example.

In the case of this application in Denver the north facing shades to the right are fully open while those facing west are closed to cut off low afternoon sun angles and glare.