Dayliter Shades use the ceiling (or adjacent lightshelves) to bring diffused daylight deeper into a space.


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The Old Way

Conventional window treatments attached at the head of a window opening immediately create a barrier to daylight flowing onto the ceiling. This is particularly true of roller shades that are not fully retracted by a user (read; lazy user).

Try it for yourself, the next time you enter a room with the shade open, but not fully retracted, take it all the way up and watch as the daylight flows onto the ceiling and into the space.

The New Way

The Dayliter Shade is mounted down from the head of the window so there is no obstruction to daylight flowing onto the ceiling. Add to that the impact of the fabric lightshelf and diffused daylight penetrates deep into the room using the ceiling as a vehicle.

In applications featuring shades with multiple lightshelves the daylight flows onto the lightshelf above it creating a similar effect even when the ceiling might be several feet above the shade.